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After feeding the dogs are put into their sleeping runs where we have a choice of trampoline beds and cushions. We prefer to buddy them up with a compatible friend or they can be singularly designated to a run if preferred.


We keep a low light on during the night and we play soft music to help them feel comfortable. The music does assist in keeping them calm but is also so they don't hear the cattle, kangaroos and wombats fossicking around.


They need all their sleep because we have another big day ahead. 



Daily Exercise

It's an early start here and weather permitting the dogs are let out for the day around 7am. Most days they can be out until mid afternoon, which gives them a big day to tire themselves out.


If your dog's social skills need a bit of work and depending on what level we assess them at, we can put them on a lead and try to help them settle. If we think they need to be kept away from the main group we will run them seperately, they will still be exercised regardless. We will not put any aggressive dogs with the main group at any time, ever.


Initially overweight or older dogs are periodically put back on the lead until we feel their fitness has improved to a safe level. Do expect your dog to lose weight, this is quite normal as they will have far greater excercise regime than they would usually have.  

Meal Time

Our meal time is 4pm. We try to add variety to our meals using beef produced here on the farm, fresh chicken and fish. We rotate our kibble daily to keep them interested, after all who likes the same meal everyday? We monitor what each dog may prefer and will cater to their individual tastes.


If your dog is on a special diet and you would like to supply your dog's food we are more than happy to accomodate your dogs needs.


The day at a glance


We were concerned with the way that most kennels only gave a limited time for their guests to get out to exercise and interact with other dogs. Dogs are social animals and they are at their best when exercised, socialised and kept busy. As a result we do things differently here at WTRR. We prefer to run our guests like they were at the local dog park, in groups so they can truly be in a pack enviroment. They are supervised at ALL times. A successful day will result in a kennel full of dogs fed and in their beds before we finish the washing up. 

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