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Rural Location

We are located on a 132 acre property in Reidsdale, a quiet spot just outside Braidwood, NSW.

We run beef cattle and also have 1350 tree apple orchard. Some of the beef is used to feed the dogs here at WTRR and the apples go to Sully's Cidery at the Old Cheese Factory at Reidsdale for cider production.





Brand New Facilities

The main kennel run is a 2 acre fenced area and the exercise run is 3 acres.Our building is fully insulated and has hydronically heated flooring so your pet will be cool in summer and warm in winter. The floors are sealed for hygiene and the runs are cleaned and disinfected twice daily.

We prefer to pair your dog up with a similar buddy at night so your dog will never be alone.

We have ensured that your dog will have interaction with other dogs at all times during their stay.



Fully Fenced 3 Acre Dog Run

Our main dog run has a 1.8 metre high fence with mesh in the ground to prevent digging. Half the run is open space with plenty of room to run and play. The other half is rocks and trees consisting of deserted rabbit and wombat burrows to explore.

There is a good mix of sun or shade to have a snooze. We are also very fortunate here as we do not have paralysis ticks.

The grounds are cleaned daily to ensure a healthy enviroment.








Everyone Loves A Trip To The Country.


We can assure you that your dog is no different. They will love the wide open spaces, the fresh air and all the new friends they will meet. They will be curious when the cattle are in the nearby paddocks, maybe even try their long lost herding skills. They will bark at the chooks, ducks, kangaroos and rabbits that get too close. There is so much for them to do they will probably need a holiday when they get back home to you!

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