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Sweet little River the Dalmation, always up for a cuddle and loves to chase Dexter around the big run. Enjoys her sleep too!

A Few Familiar Faces.

We have an occuring question with our guest's owners here at Wagging Tails Rural Retreat.

"Why, when my dog comes home, are they quiet and not their usual boisterous, happy self"

The only way we can explain this is, imagine you go on a holiday for a few weeks, you come home on the Friday and have to be back at work on the Monday. You aren't exactly doing cartwheels on the Saturday and Sunday are you! They miss their new or old friends and need a few days to get back into their normal routine.



Kelpies! So much energy to burn. Chases River around until she has had enough, then chases Darcy around until he has had enough, then chases............


We call this beautiful boxer the "Big Galoot" He is a big party boy with a lovely nature. He goes hard all day, has dinner, climbs into bed then goes into a coma to recoop for the next day. Apparently he doesn't move for two days when he gets home.


This little Jackie lives with Bohdi and when down here at WTRR just loves to run with all the big dogs, and also likes to show them all she is boss! She constantly is in search of animals and loves to explore all areas of the run. 


Jazzy is a big gentle Boxer who loved to run around for a while then find a shady spot and sit down and watch all the other dogs running around, then get up and do it all again. Loved a cuddle too.


Izzy is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a regular guest who has an absolute ball when she is here. She loves to pin her ears back and run fast in the open spaces and loves to explore around the rocks and trees as well.  


Lucy lives with Jazzy. She formed a bit friendship with our staffie Bella and followed her everywhere. When she came she had previously had hip surgery so we occasionally had to put her back on the lead to slow her down. After a while her fitness improved and she was keeping up with Bella without a problem. 

Lucy and Ruby

Lucy on the right and Ruby on the left. Two very well behaved red heelers. We had a huge down pour when they were here and they thought it was fantastic having a small stream to run through. I don't think they realized or cared that it wasn't there the day before!



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