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Here at Wagging Tails Rural Retreat we aim to keep our pricing as simple as possible. We don’t discriminate between breed, size or medication requirements. We also feel that your dog’s exercise should be part of the service and not an additional cost.


Let me give you an example.You have a 40kg "happy" Labrador. You want him kenneled for 21 days. he is currently on medication and a particular diet and he has 11 days of medication left. You want him exercised everyday.

During his stay he loses 5kg, which he is very likely to do,he is exercised only 18 days due to unsafe weather conditions. So do we reweigh the dog because he is now in a lower weight bracket and deduct the lost days of excercise or do you wear it. Is your head hurting yet? Has your calculator's batteries run out?


As such we have one price for accommodation. Simple.




We Charge

Overnight accomodation $35.00 per night.

Day care $20



More Details

We require the balance to be paid in full no later than 30 days after the completion to your dogs stay.


Any additional costs that may be incurred  eg: veterinary fee, must be paid in full before your dog's return.


Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for clarification.


Prices are subject to changes without notice.

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